Changing the world – one sip at a time

Charitea is a brand of freshly brewed, organic and fair trade teas owned by Lemonaid, a new kind of charity organization formed in 2008.


The glass bottle was originally selected for its friendly shape, fitting nicely in the hand as well as standing out against the sea of plastic bottles.


The most recent addition to the Charitea product range. Mate was released in 2013.



Charitea is a brand of freshly brewed, organic and fair trade teas owned by Lemonaid, a new kind of charity organization formed in 2008 with the idea that the products should compete on their own merits, and not only by appealing to people’s consciences. Aside from being of high quality and tasting good, the products also needed a unique and appealing design that would stand out on the shelf. For this, they turned to Sweden.

Charitea was launched together with Lemonaid, a traditional lemonade made with 100% fair trade and organic ingredients. The glass bottle selected for Charitea was the same as for Lemonaid, a friendly shape, fitting nicely in the hand as well as standing out against the sea of plastic bottles. Although Lemonaid and Charitea share a certain resemblance, the two brands remain independent through the use of typography, symbols, copy tonality and attitude. While the classic sans serif typeface Futura is used for Lemonaid, a serif typeface was selected for Charitea; New Century Schoolbook. The Charitea symbol reflects the product itself, a tealeaf as well as a drop. Communication for the teas is very simple: they are sorted by the tea “colours”, black, red and green. Since the launch of the first three products, another flavour has been added to the Charitea range: Mate, a traditional Argentinian herbal drink.

The combination of a high-quality product, the authenticity and honesty of the company, and the iconic design (really, the recipe for success for any brand!), soon made Lemonaid and Charitea into cult brands, and within months sales took off throughout major cities in Germany. Seven years after the launch, Charitea and Lemonaid can be enjoyed in more than 4000 outlets in 9 countries across Europe and Asia. Ten million bottles will be sold in 2015, and to date, more than 3.5 million Euros have been channelled back to local community aid projects in countries such as Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Mexico and South Africa.

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