From bottles to bags

Ten years after having established itself as a fresh brewed, bottled tea brand, Charitea launches a traditional dry tea range.


Cube-shaped packaging and a lively colour palette subtly hint at the flavour of the tea blend, which underscores the playful spirit of the brand.


Since the start, proceeds from Lemonaid and ChariTea products have contributed over 3.5 million Euros back into charity projects.


Charitea Dry Teas

Charitea has been producing freshly brewed, bottled teas since 2008. Together with its sister brand, Lemonaid, it forms a charity company with a whole new take on commercial philantrophy, based on two main principles: products should be well-designed and of the highest quality to be able to compete on their own merits; and the company should have full control over the aid projects they engage in.

What started with an idea and less-than-scientific product testing in a small Hamburg kitchen little over a decade ago, has now grown into a global business and a true success story. Not only for the company itself – rapid expansion, ever-increasing volumes and a brand that is truly loved by its fans – but perhaps mostly for the people growing the fairly-traded, organic produce that go into each Lemonaid and Charitea bottle. Since the start, more than 3.5 million Euros have been channeled back to local communities under the direct supervision of Lemonaid staff.

In 2018 the company broke into a new product category with the launch of classic, dry teas in tea bags and bulk, in multiple blends and flavors. The Studio, who is behind the original graphic identity and packaging for both Lemonaid and Charitea, were commissioned for this milestone initiative.

An important challenge in the project was to transfer the unique and clear bottle design onto a whole new packaging type, with different shapes and materials, as well as different display conditions in stores and cafés. The simple yet recognisable symbol for the brand, the tea leaf/droplet, was boldly set on the packaging, while the logotype and typography function as both decor and product communication. Atypical for this rather conservative category, the main package was designed as a cube, allowing for fun display possibilities as well as enhancing shelf stand-out. Clear, lively colours across the entire package that subtly hints at the flavour of the tea blend underscores the uniqueness and playful spirit of the brand.

Case Photography: Patrik Lindell and Erik Lefvander

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