The aim with the packaging system for H&M’s Underwear was to elevate the products, make the buying experience more enjoyable for the customer and provide a timeless design consistency across H&M packaging.


The solution for the hang tags included a colour coding system where a scale from light to dark shades correspond to the size range, making it easy for customers to find what they need.


H&M was in need of a new design for the women’s and men’s underwear packaging which included updating the hang tag system for lingerie to unify and clarify the product groups.

The solution for the hang tags included a colour coding system in which a scale from light to dark colours would correspond to the size range. This allowed customers to easily identify their size through colour. A modular tag system with simplified communication was integrated on all units, making it simpler for the customer while allowing for the multiple language versions needed. Photography was used for certain product groups to visualize packaged garments as well as a system of semi-transparent packaging to house the harder-to-hang products.

The concept gave consideration to the overall in-store impact, developing a recognisable and consistent system throughout H&M packaging as well as enhancing the customer experience.