Selego is the holding company behind the revolutionary premium skincare brand Verso, launched in 2013 and now found in high-end retail establishments in over 20 countries around the world.


Selego is the holding company behind the revolutionary skincare line, Verso, a super premium brand that was launched in 2013 and that can now be found in high-end establishments in some 20 countries around the world. The Studio came up with the name and designed the identity, packaging and website for Verso and has since functioned as a strategic design and marketing partner for the brand. Selego is a science-based company that works with different dermatology OTC products on a global basis.

The founder of Verso, Lars Fredriksson, wanted an identity for Selego that would not be too distant from that of Verso, yet neutral enough to communicate independently and represent the other brands in the company’s portfolio.

The Studio solved it by employing LL Brown, the typeface of Verso used for headlines and body copy, but not including any of the more distinguishing features of the Verso brand, like the reversed display letters or imagery. This creates a vague resemblance but not immediate identification. The “o” from the Selego logotype was blown up and made into a symbol that represents infinity and timelessness

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