How do you stand out in a market with 1000 competitors, and where everyone is selling the same thing? By using video when all others are using paper. And by going pink!


Next u is a Stockholm-based recruitment and manning company. With around 1000 competitors in the region (the recruitment market is one of the most competitive in Sweden), you need something unique to justify your existence. Next u’s idea is to film both job candidates and client offices. This not only saves a lot of time in both the recruitment and job search processes, but it also, and primarily, doesn’t discriminate amongst candidates because of their name, ethnicity, or lack of formal competence. The ingenious video interview catches personal traits and qualities that no written resume or letter can transmit: tone of voice, engagement, well-spokenness, humour and charisma.

When The Studio was commissioned to do Next u’s identity, website and brand platform, we didn’t miss making use of the charisma of the company itself. Such a smart and brave idea must be manifested in a bold and daring graphic identity.

We took inspiration from the colours of traditional business newspapers like the Financial Times, which is pink. This was as relevant as it was unexpected. Apart from the all low-caps logotype with the “u” and “n” mirroring each other, used in animations among other things, the colour is really what gets attention for the brand. It has strong signal strength and is completely unique in the industry. And it works. Next u’s business cards and other print pieces, as well as ads, banners and website, spark curiosity through the unorthodox colour and layout, are easy to remember and have turned out to be great conversation pieces.

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