For the H&M Accessories packaging, The Studio developed a minimal yet modular concept, putting the products in focus.


The redesign of the H&M Accessories packaging was intended to update the design and function of the display cards as well as improve the in-store display, making it simpler and more inspiring for the customer.

The concept included reducing the number of packaging formats to create a modular system that would unify the accessories wall and display units. The design was based on a clean and minimal approach which would put the products in focus. By reducing the packaging to a high-gloss white paper card with a blind embossed H&M logotype, the display cards provided a clean and modern background for the products. The material for the display cards was changed from plastic to paper for a tactile and sustainable choice as well as maintaining a fashion expression. The packaging integrated into the white and gold components of the new interior concept making it a successful compliment to the department.

Through its simplicity, this design solution has a timeless quality and is true to the brand values within the context of fashion at H&M.